Saturday, June 30, 2012

Genealogy Today Expands Database Collection

This month we're pleased to announce that the Genealogy Today Subscription Data service has been expanded to include two unique research projects. Both projects were previously available only on CD-Rom, but now are online and searchable at Genealogy Today.

New England Early Genealogy Connections is a collection of 76,000+ records compiled by Alice Howe Palmer over the past fifteen years. This collection was started by Alice when it became clear that a database containing connected names could save significant amounts of time, effort and money for those searching for genealogy in the 1600+/- to 1700+/- time period.

Old Colony Ancestors is comprised of nearly 200,000 names with roots in Southeastern Massachusetts, complete with citations, containing information on over 57,000 marriages, with a total of more than 950,000 text records. Some families are followed for only 2-3 generations, but many are traced for up to 15 generations.

Both databases present their information in a tree format, allowing the researcher to traverse from individual to parents, spouses or children, depending on the facts. All of the names include any available basic data: birth, death, marriage dates, towns of residence, citations documenting sources.

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