Monday, February 6, 2012

Genealogy Today offers additional Real-Time Search Results

Genealogy Today logoEarlier this month, real-time search results from were added to the improved search engine at Genealogy Today. And today, results from the historical newspaper collection at were integrated.

These add-on searches work in parallel to whatever you've searched for within the Genealogy Today collection, and provide results using the same criteria. Click on one of these partner links and you'll be presented with matching listings without leaving our web site. If you find something of interest, click and visit the partner web site. As these are subscription sites, you'll need to subscribe to see the full details.

Here's what the results look like:

Examples of real-time search results at Genealogy Today

What makes these two additions different from the 19 other integrated real-time search results? Well, with these two resources, you can click down and view individual record detail; whereas, most of the other integrated searches only provide summary information on our web site, and you need to click to the partner for details. In some cases, however, the summary information may be more than you'll find at the partner web site if you're not a subscriber, making the Genealogy Today search engine an essential tool for genealogists.

The time savings is remarkable, as you are able to click from one search partner to another without having to re-key in your search criteria and/or navigate your way to the search box on their web site. Needless to say, I've received fantastic feedback from librarians, who are often challenged to find quick results for eager patrons.

Give the improved search engine at Genealogy Today a try.

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