Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Next in Line... Ancestral Passport, Please

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had been sorting through my pile of very small documents, and found my collection of passports. Well, sixteen U. S. passports are now online and searchable, and the others (mostly German) will join them in a few weeks.

I realize this small of a collection has little chance of reaching any genealogists that are related to the individuals, but at least its a chance, and these otherwise might have ended up in the trash.

My favorite passport in this first batch is the 1957 passport for Rev. Emanual Sirigos (I have three for him), in which the photo is of him and his wife. What a find this would be for any of their living relatives.

Here are the other surnames: Albritton, Barnes, Dibble, Harrington, Hinrichs, Lee, Meeson, and Shanen, and all of them can be searched here.

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