Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Genealogy Today expands Subscription Data service to include more Images

This week, the Genealogy Today Subscription Data service was enhanced to support additional image types, including group photos, partial document and full document images. In the past, only individual photos were made available to subscribers. Along with this enhancement, several new document collections were expanded to include the corresponding images; the Marriage Certificates and Announcements collection includes original certificates, printed announcements, intent to marry letters; and the Criminal Mugshots and Wanted Posters collection includes a variety of crime related materials.

Database listings may now have multiple images attached. For example, mug shots will include images of both sides of the document. To avoid delaying the release of new listings, some images will be available upon request. Subscribers will be prompted to fill out a short request form and the images will be posted online within two business days.

With this exciting change to the database service, subscribers should expect to see several new types of original documents and resources added in the near future.

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