Friday, March 5, 2010

Document traces six generations back for some 200 colonial families

A "treasure trove" of colonial data documenting some 200 immigrants of Plymouth, Massachusetts and New Amseterdam (present day New York) has been discovered and is now being offered for sale in the form of eight, 2-foot by 3-foot charts, as reported on, "New Jersey ‘genealogical gold’ is available in Belvidere, Flemington." According to the article, "The data traces the families through six generations. In total, over 3,000 individuals, all related by blood or marriage, are included, providing many genealogical connections for current New Jersey residents. The material was compiled in 1978 by Joseph N. Kearney of the Roadmaps-Thru-History Association in Los Angeles." For those with colonial ancestry, this will be a delight. My own research goes back to New Utrecht, with an ancestor who arrived in 1657, was an early settler of New Utrecht and is said to have died in New Amsterdam. Tracing a line six generations back from 1657 would be something, indeed. The article gives a sampling of names but, alas, our name was not on the list.

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