Friday, October 10, 2008

Live Roots Meta Search Website

I'm a genealogy-junkie and have always tried to stay informed about new resources; but with so many outlets publishing new information, and no single place to search across different catalogs, it's not easy. That's what led to the concept of Live Roots -- a new website designed to help researchers locate genealogical data -- both online and offline, and either digitized or in-print. I'm partnering with major genealogy companies and many medium and smaller publishers to combine their respective catalogs into one repository.

Live Roots extends beyond the typical bounds of a traditional search engine or link directory by facilitating access to offline records and publications through partnerships with amateur and professional researchers who either own copies or are geographically close to the libraries and archives that do. This "live" part of the Live Roots concept lets your research continue even when the publication isn't available online. There's nothing more frustrating than finding a resource that could hold the missing link in your tree, and then discovering that there aren't any places online to access it.

The initial version of Live Roots was released today. Upcoming versions will expand the amount of information integrated into the catalog, add additional "live" partnerships and implement direct links with several online web sites; bringing seamless access to even more books and data.

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