Sunday, September 14, 2008

Highlights for September 14th, 2008

Schools for blind/deaf/mute often contain very interesting information. The Clarke Inst. for Deaf-Mutes 1881 Report not only includes the names of the students, but also the reason for their deafness.

Two reports for the Fire Department of the District of Columbia (1905 Report and 1908 Report) include rosters and casualty & injury reports for the year.

Here are two more newsletters from the Metropolitan Life company: The Metropolitan, Volume XIX, No. 11 and The Metropolitan, Volume XX, No. 1 (partial).

These are just some of the 21 resources published today. Every week I send out a complete listing of the items added. If you'd like to join this RootsWeb mailing list called GenToday-L, click here for instructions.

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