Sunday, June 8, 2008

Highlights for June 8th, 2008

Finding resources for some states is more challenging than others. So, it's exciting when we can add TWO items from a state like Mississippi: Columbia High School 1893-94 Catalogue and Lumberton High School 1895-96 Catalogue.

Two interesting resources for New Jersey: Fanwood Township 1888/9 Unpaid Taxes and 1895 Dover Index. The latter being filled with members of the New Jersey Government, Morris County Government, Dover and Morristown Fire Departments, Township Assessors and more.

And yet another registers of convicts from the New Hampshire State Prison: 1892.

These are just some of the 9 resources published today. Every week I send out a complete listing of the items added. If you'd like to join this RootsWeb mailing list called GenToday-L, click here for instructions.

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