Tuesday, March 18, 2008

UK Family Records Centre moves to Kew

The closure of The National Archives' Services at the Family Records Center is announced in a press release. The staff and services of The National Archives at the Family Records Centre moved to Kew when the doors closed March 15. The transfer of services and expertise into one building will make research easier. The National Archives in Kew is being extensively refurbished and improved, as part of an ongoing improvement programme incorporating the services provided by The National Archives at the Family Records Centre. When complete, additional seating, microfiche readers and computer terminals will be available to visitors, improving access to original records, research resources and the ever-growing range of online material.

People who used to visit the first floor of the Family Records Centre will find all of the information they enjoyed available at Kew. In addition, they will be able to consult documents and records spanning 1,000 years of history and have access to a wider range staff expertise. To provide security for staff and visitors whilst also ensuring documents are protected The National Archives has installed a new security system. If you would like any more information about the improvements at Kew please visit The National Archives web site.

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