Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WorldVitalRecords announces new scanning service

WorldVitalRecords.com announced in a press release yesterday a new genealogical service to preserve photos, documents, videos and slides. WorldVitalRecords.com decided to offer this service after discovering that 91 percent of the WorldVitalRecords.com survey panel said they were concerned about preserving their family photos, videos and/or documents in a digital format. Videotapes, it says, have an expected life of 7-15 years before the quality deteriorates, whereas DVDs have an expected life of 100-500 years. Over time, photos and film can fade, discolor, deteriorate, dry out or become brittle, regardless of how well they are stored. In an effort to preserve these valuable tapes, photos and documents, WorldVitalRecords.com now offers the its Preservation Package services, including converting a variety of film and tape media to DVD; scanning photos and documents; digitizing slides and negatives, and providing secure storage filing.

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