Saturday, August 4, 2007

Family Tree Maker beta release available to the public

As noted in The Clarion-Ledger, "Family Tree Maker offering a free trial run," Family Tree Maker has announced the upcoming release of Family Tree Maker 2008, the next generation of the one of the world's best-selling genealogy programs. This new software is touted as a complete rewrite of the old program which has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the best for beginning genealogists available. The release date for the new software is August 2008, but in a very unusual move the company is offering free copies of the beta program now for anyone who wishes to give it try before making the purchase. Most beta program studies are conducted behind closed doors which makes this free public test very unusual. The beta program can be downloaded and installed by simply clicking the link at

That said, the article goes on to note certain caveats that go along with the beta release - some things you'll definitely want to be aware of as you add new content to the program, not the least of which, the beta program ceases to function when the new software is released. Whatever you do, back it up!

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