Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More Library Links from 26 April Show

We had a great show with Christine Rose, and we again thank her for her time and knowledge, as well as the lifetime of research work she has put into family history. During the show we talked a lot about researching common surnames and there were a couple of points to bring out here on the website. Christine mentioned the value of DNA surname study projects, especially for common surnames, to see into which clan of the name your family might fit. It can be hard to find such projects, so start with the major DNA companies, such as Relative Genetics, Family Tree DNA or Sorensen Molecular Genealogy Foundation, but it would not hurt to do a Google search such as "Miller DNA Study." Christine also reminded us to make good use of the different genealogy forums, which we discussed further in the show. It is also important to use Cyndi's List as well as Linkpendium to find surname websites.

Christine is also a noted author. We earlier wrote about her book on courthouse research, but she is also the co-author of the Idiot's Guide to Genealogy, available at most book stores. Her other books are available on her website.

In our research tip from the Pros, we spoke about the very helpful "Site Finder" from Gold Bug. It's easy to use, and tells you the county for any location, while also plotting it on a map. Be sure to choose "Show both map and table." Meanwhile, our "Free Data Site" for the week was the excellent Database Searches from the Kentucky Land Office.

We also answered Laurie's question about creating her own free website by pointing out a series of articles (now up to three installments) on Dick Eastman's Online Newsletter. Go to "Host Your Own Genealogy Web Server at Home" for more information.

Also, as we wind down the first season of Family Roots Radio, we asked listeners to send us their suggestions for guests and topics as we plan the next season. Just write to korym@familyrootsradio.com. We're anxious to hear from you!

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