Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Links from 5 April Show

Once again we wanted to thank Megan Smolenyak for sharing her time with us on April 5th. Her insights into a variety of research aspects were very helpful. And, the work she does for the U.S. Army brings so much comfort to families. It's great to see genealogical skills used to help mend families. In her discussion about researching Rev. Sharpton's African American ancestry, she mentioned Tony Burroughs, a noted African-American researcher. Those interested in knowing more about the work Tony does can find his profile at the website of the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California (AAGSNC). There is also an interview with him about his work on the BBC TV show, "The Real Family of Jesus."

We explored some great and helpful sites for finding living relatives, and there are more out there. One that genealogists should be aware of is a database at Ancestry.com. Their U. S. Public Records Collection provides better information than some of the sites we mentioned, and has almost a billion entries! So, if you've got an Ancestry subscription, be sure to use it. Another "private investigator" site you may want to check out is U.S. Search, while another helpful telephone directory is White Pages.

The free data site of the week was the wonderful Missouri Death Certificates, which, as always, is also linked from the Genealogy Sleuth. Stay tuned, there's always more in store!

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