Friday, April 13, 2007

More Links from 12 April Show

We're sure you enjoyed our conversation with Martha McCartney, and her fascinating insight into the sources to learn more about those early settlers. You can find Martha's magnificent book, and others like it, at Genealogical Publishing Company.

Indeed, in the Interactive Website segment, we discussed how some similar but older books are now available at Google Books. Time only permitted us to walk through finding Revised History of Harlem (by James Riker), but we've also found the following there (just type in the title words in the Google search box):

Connecticut Puritan Settlers, 1633-1845 (by Hinman)
Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N. Y. (by Bergen)

In addition, has posted the following similar books about early settlers:

Great Migration Begins (Robert Charles Anderson)
Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century
Massachusetts Pioneers (Charles Henry Pope)
Plymouth Colony, History and People (Eugene Stratton)
Maine Pioneers, 1623-60 (Charles Henry Pope)

Of course, they're not all online yet. Some are still under copyright, so you'll want to visit your local library. Consider these two examples:

The Palatine Families of New York (Henry Z. Jones)
Opening the Ozarks (Marsha Hoffman Rising) [Although not colonial, it is similar]

If you're interested in the early Pennsylvania Germans, check your library for several books by Annette K. Burgert. Of course, sometimes there are too many early settlers for a book. Those interested in early New Amsterdam (now New York City) should seek out the CD-ROM by David M. Riker, New Netherland, Vital Records 1600s which is really his Genealogical and Biographical Directory of Persons in New Netherland from 1613-1674 (as the print title is known)

Those of you who want to pursue the original records behind such research were alerted to one such example in our free data site of the week. The Colonial Records of Connecticut are available online, with a good search engine. Enjoy!

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