Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Genealogical Software, Links and More from 29 March Show

Well, that was a great show with Dick Eastman, and we thank him for his insights and comments about genealogy software and other issues. We've already posted the links for the software we talked about, but we also talked about a great site that has reviews of 14 different software packages, and has ranked the software on numerous criteria. You'll want to spend some time at Top Genealogy Software to see who has the features you want.

There's also a couple of comparison charts online that show you the different features of different software. They're a bit dated, but are still a useful place to look. Check out Richard Wilson's chart, as well as Bill Mumford Report Card. Of course, we don't know who's selling the best, but with the help of Amazon.com, we can tell which software seems the most popular on their site. So, based on their sales ranking and figures (which are open to interpretation in many ways), here's the 15 top selling genealogy software programs there:

  1. Family Tree Maker
  2. RootsMagic
  3. Family Tree Legends
  4. Legacy Family Tree
  5. Heritage Family Tree
  6. GSP Family Tree
  7. GenoPro Family Tree
  8. The Master Genealogist
  9. Generation Family Tree
  10. Ultimate Family Tree
  11. Family Tree Quick & Easy
  12. Family Tree for Dummies
  13. Easy Family Tree
  14. Softkeys Family Tree
  15. Multilingual Family Tree

In our news segment, we mentioned that vital records for Nova Scotia are now on line. The free data site of the week was the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. Well, all of that should keep you busy till the next show. Be listening then!


  1. Oh, please don't forget about Mac users. I'm fairly certain that at least one of the several genealogy programs for Mac, Reunion 9, outsells some of those listed here.

  2. Laura, we did not want to leave out Mac users, indeed Dick Eastman talked about that in his interview. However, the sales list we posted is from Amazon.com, and they don't seem to list Reunion as an item for sale, just as used. I do agree, it certainly outsells some of the software on this list.


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