Thursday, April 19, 2007

Effective Library Research on 19 April Show

Libraries are one of the genealogist's life lines. So many records are in so many libraries, we can't live without them. However, sometimes it's hard to live with them as well! With noted genealogical librarian Tom Kemp on board, we have the opportunity to discuss more effective ways to conduct your library research. One of those ways is through a new service called GenealogyBank, available at a growing number of libraries.

In addition, we'll have the chance to look at some of the great state libraries in the U.S., through their websites. Our "Interactive Website" segment is scheduled to explore the Library of Virginia with their great collection of databases, as well as the Connecticut State Library which provides great guides to their collection. And, it would not be complete if we did not take a peek at the Illinois State Library for an example of their important catalog of materials.

If that's not enough, our tip from the pros will tell you how to find more of these great libraries, and our free site of the week will introduce you to a record type you may have never thought of, and an index to thousands of such records. Then, of course, there's our software tip, notice of what's new and more, so listen in!

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