Thursday, April 26, 2007

Common Surname Research is Topic on 26 April Show

If you've been putting off research on one of your families because the surname was too common (and all of us do it!), this is the show for you! It's not just Smith and Jones. There are hundreds of common surnames, and they often require some additional strategies in our ancestral pursuits. With noted surname genealogist Christine Rose on board for our interview, we will also take some time to explore some web sites that provide particularly useful help when seeking common surnames.

Get ready to review Genealogy Forum with us to see some helpful material they have gathered. Then we'll look at GenForum to discuss getting the most out of the larger message boards. Then we'll scoot across the pond and introduce the Guild of One-Name Studies, a fantastic resource for British research. We'll also expose the fallacy of several so-called "surname sites." They're helpful to a point, but. . . . Naturally, you won't want to miss the tip from the pros, or the software tip of the week. Then there's always our free data site of the week to help you find more ancestral answers. So, tune in, and enjoy!

Do you want a little homework before you listen to the show? Check out a couple of your surnames to learn how common they area at this surname frequency site from the U.S. Census Bureau. For more information on surname frequency, review our 15 March show.

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