Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Article offers help utlizing French family history web site

An article in the Terre Haute Tribute Star, "Genealogy: French Web site offers myriad of information," offers great tips for accessing information a new French genealogy web site. According to the article, a French Web site has recently been created with a database of 439,770 records including 225,700 baptisms, 69,799 marriages, and 144,271 burials from the parish records in the French department of Haute-Saone, a part of the Franche-Comte region. Haute-Saone is located in the northeast of France and was created in 1789 during the French Revolution. The Web site contains records (“actes”) from 113 communities and parishes. These records are from the years 1637-1932, but the majority are from the 1700s and 1800s.

"Even though the site is in French, it is fairly easy to use," and the article proceeds to walk you through some steps and offers some basic translations. I walked through the first steps for one of my French surnames, although this is not my region of interest. If it's yours, this site may have something for you.

A second French site at www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr is still incomplete, but, when finished, will list the names of all French soldiers who died in 20th-century wars. The site also has a searchable database. It can be translated into English by clicking on the small British flag icon.

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