Friday, March 2, 2007

We hope you enjoyed our discussion from yesterday’s show on genealogy books. While the Internet has become a great tool for genealogists in recent years, we still rely heavily on the printed word. On the show we mentioned a few more links to books and other important information that we want to make available to you.

In addition to many of the fine books that Heritage Books publishes, Craig Scott mentioned a few books, like Elizabeth Shown Mills’s Evidence, and Kenneth L. Smith’s Estate Inventories: How To Use Them, that every genealogist should know about and be familiar with (if not own their own copy).

Additionally, we discussed a few software options for cataloging our own ever expanding personal library of books (You know every genealogist has one). Software like Collectorz, Librarything, Books 3.0b6 (for Mac Users) and even freeware like BookDB make keeping track of our precious books easier than ever.

You may find you really need to invest in one of these programs, especially if you joined in our exploration of and found the many resources available there in Book and CD format that will aid you in your pursuit of your ancestors. They have books for research in so many areas of the world in addition to the US that cover a wide variety of topics

The WWII Ration Books were mentioned in GenWeekly. You can read the article at Genealogy Today, and feel free to read more about and join in the discussion on the National Archives’s proposed rate hikes over at Eastman's Online Genealogical Newsletter. Find out where to voice your opinion on the increase of rates at our National Archives.

And, finally, don’t forget to check out the link to free Massachusetts vital records over at the Genealogy Sleuth Page.

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