Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Links from 22 March "Keeping Current" Show

Our "Keeping Current" show included a great interview with genealogical editor Leland Meitzler, and a few links came up in that interview and later in the show we wanted to share with you. Leland mentioned Liz Kersten's "Digital Genealogist" as a great example of an on-line, electronic magazine. We also talked about the many genealogy blogs, and noted Randy Seaver's blog, which also has a great list of other genealogy blogs you might want to check out.

For our "Research Tip from the Pros" we mentioned the many on-line dictionaries you can use to find meanings of obscure words. One of our favorites is Dict.org, since it allows you to search many different dictionaries. You should also check out Bartleby.com, another great reference website.

Our free data site of the week was Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, available at RootsWeb. Of course, there's a link on the Genealogy Sleuth page as well, under Court, Estate and Probate links.

We also touched on genealogical newsletters distributed on-line, but did not get a chance to identify many of them. In addition to the sites discussed in our "Interactive Website" segments (links in the show's description below), here's a starter list to check out. Go their webpages and subscribe, for free:
DearMYRTLE's Daily Genealogy Column
RootsWeb Review
The Global Gazette
Ancestry Weekly Journal
Branching Out
Family Tree Magazine Newsletter

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