Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Links from 15 March Show

We had a great show with Myra Gormley on March 15. Her insights into RootsWeb will make us all more successful as we continue to mine that great site for more data on our ancestors. Among other things, she mentioned some instructional guides to help researchers learn more. They are posted at RootsWeb as their "Guide to Tracing Family Trees." With 31 brief guides, you'll be certain to learn new things about your family history search.

We also discussed a couple of other important websites. At, they have a few free websites for St. Patrick's Day. Our news item featured a great collection of passenger lists from England at Meanwhile our free data site was the new site, Immigrant Servants, with it's growing list of colonial immigrants. Remember, that, and most of our free data sites are all listed on the Genealogy Sleuth page; maybe you'll want to make that your own homepage! Stay tuned for more great sites and research tips.

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