Thursday, March 22, 2007

Keeping Current is Theme of 22 March Show

We've all got that problem--how do we keep up with all the new stuff going on in genealogy? Experienced researchers know that the next great source for their own research problem may be released next week--somewhere on some web site, but where, or when? Issues related to records access, such as increased fees or limitations on accessing a site change frequently.

"Keeping Current" is a great topic for our guest, Leland Meitzler to discuss, since he's been keeping us all current for 25 years. With dozens of genealogy blogs and e-zines, as well as the current paper magazines, how do you choose? Come and explore places such as Everton's Newsline as a news source, or's list of genealogy blogs. Our interactive web site discussion will focus on Genealogy Today as well as Eastman's Online Newsletter.

You won't want to miss the news segment, and our discussion of the recent decision to end free access to at Family History Centers. We've got a unique and different take on the topic that might just surprise you!

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