Thursday, March 8, 2007

Finding Answers through Education on 8 March Show

Family historians all know there's no shortage of research problems to pursue, but sometimes we feel like we don't know where to go next in our pursuit of those elusive ancestors. That's why the 8 March show is so important, since we'll be discussing, among other things, genealogical education. It's amazing how many avenues there are out there to learn about new sources and techniques. In addition to the excellent advice Karen Clifford will be giving us, there's two websites we'll want to explore.

The Ancestry Learning Center is free to all, and includes hundreds of articles by many noted genealogists that explore almost every topic under the sun. In addition, also has a Learning Center with additional articles and helpful guides. We'll walk through some of the ways to maximize your search of these helpful sites. By the way, at the complete list of articles is "hidden" on the How-To Articles page, which you can sort by topic or author, but there does not seem to be a link from the main page.

But, that's not all. We've got a hot tip in the "What's New" section about a subscription site that's made 100 new databases free for the next couple of days, but you'll have to act on it right away. Our research tip from the pros may just provide more answers than you thought were in that document the county sent you, and you'll want to learn about our free data site of the week. Listen live or to the archive, or download the webcast, just be sure to stop by and listen to the cool stuff we're talking about this week.

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