Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Surname Genealogy Websites on 15 February Show

We're getting ramped up for our next show on 15 February and are going to be exploring one of the under-used aspects of the Internet for genealogy: Family and surname websites. There are literally tens of thousands of sites dedicated to genealogical information on one particular surname or a specific family. However, they can be hard to find amidst all the "data" sites out there. Of course we'll discuss Matt Helm's Genealogy Toolbox, but we'll also spend time in our interactive segment looking at Linkpendium, the web's largest list of genealogy sites.

Our professional tip for the show will focus in making sense of all those websites you've dumped into your "favorites" list on your browser. They're easily organized, so you can find that missing site again!

For our free site of the week, we'll explore the controversial ZabaSearch, and the so-called "private" information it has.

Then, since we missed it last week let's see if we have time to Unlock a Subscription Site and extol the virtues of PERSI.

There's not enough time to talk about them all, so this week's bonus sites of surname web listings include, of course, the ever popular Cyndi's List, with it's specific Surname sub-listing. Also consider Surname Finder in your search. You can find other such sites on the Genealogy Sleuth page, under the heading "Name Research."

Remember to tune in, 1 PM Pacific (4 PM Eastern). Podcasts for each episode will be available on Friday morning.

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  1. Hello,
    Luv your talk show here on Thursdays. I've been doing genealogy for some time and working on many trees.

    I'm interested in the show you have today about surnames. Our problem is family members having same last names and first names. How do you detect whom is cousin with close ages and which family they belong to other than census records? What are the chances that there are more than one family in the same location with same last name back in the 1800's? Others today say "There were other families with the same last name" I do not believe this to be true, especially living near by the other family members.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Great Show,


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