Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Leaving No Stone Unturned

If you like to watch people, they call you a people-watcher. So, I guess that makes me a google-watcher. I like to reading every news release they put out, and I'm seeing a trend when it comes to advertising.

When the Internet became popular some proclaimed that all other forms of advertising would become obsolete. Well, ten or so years later and Google is poking around in many of those traditional media channels. Now with Internet radio that can be listened to from any computer or streamed down to your cellular phone, is radio advertising going to have a resurgence?

In March 2006, listeners to the classic oldies station WMTR-AM 1250 heard the first Genealogy Today radio commercial [ mp3 ] as I expanded my offline marketing efforts. Months after the ad campaign finished in July, people were still commented how they had heard about my site on the radio.

Now we're in 2007, and with the launch of Family Roots Radio, I see another excellent and very vertical advertising opportunity. Of course, I am biased being responsible for the marketing of the show. But, setting that aside, I'm excited to see how Internet radio performs against the traditional airwaves. Do people listen to Internet stations all day long?

Family Roots Radio is going to be broadcast on Modavox's VoiceAmerica Channel, which has been broadcasting since 1999 and is the largest network of Internet Talk Radio stations. Modavox already knows how to monitor and track listeners, and they will tell us the exact number of impressions delivered to the show. A recent Arbitron report noted that over 50% of Internet users consume streaming media!

As Family Roots Radio launches tomorrow, I'll be running that same ad and it will be interesting to see if it gets a better response. WMTR-AM 1250 also had a stream of their shows, so even though it was a N.J.-based station, the listeners spanned the country.

What's next? Perhaps some video advertising, comparing the power of cable to the phenomenon of YouTube.

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