Thursday, February 8, 2007

Immigration Sources on 8 February Show

One of the great features of an Internet radio show is not just the ability for anyone with a computer to listen, regardless of where they live, nor is it just the opportunity for people to download an MP3 file of the show to listen on their own schedule. Rather, I think a great benefit is the opportunity to make the show truly "interactive."

With Family Roots Radio, we'll be answering email, both on and off air, but even more interactive than that is the ability to walk each and every listener through the web sites we're discussing in a particular show. Each week, we'll post the website links right here, before the show, so that during the show (live or later via streaming audio) you can click on the links and follow along with the discussion. We will even list "bonus" websites here; ones we probably won't have time to discuss, but that pertain to one of the show's topics. If unplanned websites come up during the show, we can add them to this page soon after the show. And, of course, listeners are always invited to post comments about a show right here as well.

For our first show, along with our guest John Colletta, we're going to explore the famous Ellis Island website. You may have used it a few times, but we want to point out a few features you may not be familiar with. Of course, such a discussion also has to touch on Stephen P. Morse's famous "One Step" web page that makes it easier to search this complex data.

In our "What's New" segment, we'll briefly touch on some items at

Our "Free Data Site of the Week" will be the Genealogy Sleuth page.

Whenever you've got questions, whether before, after or even during a show, just email them to Questions of a general nature may be answered on the show, or here on the Family Roots Radio webpage. For more specific questions, we'll try to respond directly to you within a few days of receiving your question.

Our discussion of fee-based data sites will focus on PERSI, the Periodical Source Index. While you may not have ready access to PERSI, you can read more about it (for free) in Rick Crume's article at Family Tree Magazine.

Some bonus sites for this first show include:
Castle Garden
Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
Olive Tree Genealogy Passenger Lists

I hope you enjoy the show! Podcasts for each episode will be available on Friday morning.

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