Friday, January 19, 2007

Stockholders of the Maine Central Railroad Company

Maine Central R. R. Co. StockholdersMaine Central R. R. Co. Stockholders - Maine Central Railroad Company Common and Preferred Stockholders as of April 1, 1924. This item was hand typed on very thin paper, which made it a challenge to get scanned. In addition, the item had been kept folded for many years. I visited my local Staples store and made a photocopy of the entire document to both shrink and flatten out the pages.

The cover reads: "The complete list of shareholders and their places of residence and the number of shares belonging to each on the first day of April, 1924." I obtained this Portland, Maine document from a Florida-based book dealer who had a booth at a genealogy conference in Boston, Massachusetts. It's amazing what information is floating around out there. Now its been archived and transcribed for genealogists.

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