Monday, January 22, 2007

Railroad Employee Business Cards Added

Here are the surnames of additional railway employees added to the vintage business card collection at Genealogy Today: Bailey, Baird, Barnes, Bastable, Beck, Benson, Brome, Castater, Cleland, Cleveland, Coldwell, Colvin, Coman, Craig, Crosbie, Crosby, Duffy, Egan, Glarum, Glorioso, Gold, Gottschald, Guthrie, Haischer, Hale, Hang, Harrow, Hatfield, Haugh, Herron, Hess, Hewitt, Hoydar, Hulsey, Jahn, Kikunaga, Kirby, Knight, Liechty, Marlatt, Martin, McNeal, McNutt, Moonert, Morningstar, Murray, Newlean, Nichols, Noble, Olmsted, Page, Pengra, Perkins, Pierce, Pinger, Redding, Rosenbaum, Sage, Sears, Sheahan, Sheldon, Smith, Starin, Stevens, Storey, Sullivan, Thiehoff, Thomas, Turner, Watson, Weed, Whitney, Wilson, Woodworth.

One of the cards (W. D. Cleveland) belonged to an employee of the Oahu Railway in Honolulu, which was interesting because I had never thought that there would be railroads in Hawaii. Coincidentally, I was going through a box of ephemera and came across this photo of a train station in Honolulu. You can see (click on the image for a larger version) the name Ohau Railway on the building.

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  1. I am most interested in the business card posted from J. W. Newlean, Vice President of Wells Fargo & Co., Chicago. I presume this is the business card of one of my father-in-law's cousins, John W. Newlean, b. Wahoo City, Saunders co., NE Oct 1874. The NEWLEAN surname is exceedingly rare, being created by two brothers who entered the US from Markaryd Parish in southern Sweden. I would love to know more about the history of this card and about J. W. Newlean.


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