Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lucky Seven

Image obtained from iStockPhoto.comThis month celebrated its seventh anniversary, and just as people get wiser as they get older, so too has the site evolved (slightly) to better reflect it’s core strengths.

All aspects of the company have been adjusted to follow a more focused direction, everything from how frequently we publish articles, to how we want to appear in search engines, to the messages we give in our printed advertisements, and to the creation of this new blog-formatted corporate site.

The revised home page highlights our emphasis on providing information through articles, news and databases. We moved the search box to top position of the page, and moved the key feature links higher up.

With theses superficial changes, come serious growth in the data we provide. Beginning in 2006, we’ve set a goal of adding 10,000 new names every week. Because we are a firm believer in the importance of balance (you know, Ying/Yang), we’ve also set an internal mandate to ensure that we maintain an equal level of free versus paid information in the databases (collectively).

What’s the ultimate goal? To continue providing our visitors with meaningful value, the most professional service, and establishing long-term relationships built on trust and our integrity. The goal hasn’t changed, but how we approach it has.

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