Sunday, February 19, 2006

Look Who's Talking Genealogy

It’s great to see new technology come along, but it’s even better to see it applied to the field of genealogy. What am I talking about? Podcasts!

Podcasts differ from traditional internet audio in two important ways. In the past, listeners have had to either tune in to web radio on a schedule, or they have had to actively download individual files from webpages.I recently purchased a Samsung SCH-a950, the V Cast music phone, and now download these pods every week to my phone and listen to them in the car or anytime that I’m hanging around.

Here are two shows from some familiar names:

The Genealogy Guys - A weekly genealogy discussion by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith (new podcast every Sunday night)

DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour - Great guests and excellent regular features. (new podcast every Tuesday night)

I hope this trend continues and more “shows” begin to appear. Please give me your feedback on these shows (e.g. length, format, topics covered, etc).

Podcasts are more flexible and much easier to get. They can be listened to at any time because a copy is on the listener’s computer or portable music player, and they are automatically delivered to subscribers, so no active downloading is required. More information…

For a listing of additional shows and details for how to get on our upcoming episode notification list, visit the Genealogy Podcast Schedule and Audio Guide at Genealogy Today.

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